Insert the BlackCoin card into any Windows compatible PC.


Transfer any amount of BlackCoin direct to your card.


Remove your card and take it with you on the go.


Yes, BlackCoin would be the logical choice

BlackCoin provides inherently decentralized features that make it a safe haven for investment capital. Unlike ordinary crypto-currencies, BlackCoin has, for example, been hailed as the savings bond of the crypto-currency world. BlackCoin offers 1% yearly interest compounded daily, plus resistance to unpredictable price fluctuations and inflation. That makes BlackCoin the de facto crypto-currency for building and preserving wealth.

One reason why BlackCoin ensures dependable 1% annual growth is that it incorporates the pioneering system known as "proof of stake", which ensures that each investor is compensated for their participation in the staking process. Proof of stake also provides increased security from a malicious attack on the network, making the entire BlackCoin network a more secure environment for depositing and holding funds.



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